how is he posting this from 4 months in the future

this was taken in February


I’m American, and I knew it was taken in February because in the military we use the mm/dd/yyyy format. But I just wanna stop you real quick and shed light on a growing trend I’ve noticed….
How can you sit there and and say “Americans” (first of all, see how I capitalized that? It’s a title, so capitalization is necessary, however I’m not here to correct your grammatical ignorance)when that’s how we’ve been taught virtually our whole lives? Our educational system has taught us that dd/mm/yyyy is the correct way to write a date. And we’re not the only ones either. Canada, Kenya, Belize, Palau, and the Philippines all use this format (some of them also use other formats). And for the record, some countries don’t even use the mm/dd/yyyy style of dates: Belize, China, Japan, Hungary, Mongolia, Korea, Lithuania, Nepal, Palau, and Taiwan. So yes, to us “Americans,” and a good portion of the rest of the world, it would look as if this photo was taken August 2, 2014. Stop being so conceited; you’re no better than anyone else; the world doesn’t revolve around you.

This would be great and all except I’ve never heard of an American who know the dd/mm/yyyy style, Americans are taught the mm/dd/yyyy style and so pretty much any American should be able to read this. Chances are that American was for the comment before them saying it was in feb for us using the stupidity of the mm/dd/yyyy. So actually to Americans it looks like it was taken in Feb (in fact I bet this picture was taken in America). Besides that little mess up (which really isn’t good for Americans) I do agree that there is a growing trend of just saying “Americans” which I find to be rather stupid. All countries have their stupid people, very few countries are as large as the USA is and those countries that are as large are either not as developed or don’t have access to just surfing the net (and also don’t speak English) Most of Europe countries are small and so the number of “stupid” actions from those countries would obvious be less. 

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I wish there was a machine that told me 

1. How I do in relationships (both the loving kind and friend kind) 


2. How I do in life in general

I sometimes feel like I fail in both x.x






my bird shredding some paper



I’m just staring in disbelief about how cute this is


Pro Life or Pro choice?

So for a long time there has been a big debate on this, now I’m a guy and truth be told, I don’t have the right in my honest opinion to even vote on something like this, I’m not the one who has to deal with being pregnant for so long and the pain of the birth itself, that being said, I hope those of you won’t mind me giving these questions out on the matter. This post isn’t to say you should be pro life or pro choice, that is for you to decide, this post is merely made to make you think a little more critically then the biggest point I see on this debate it seems to me. 

first off, this who thing came after a pro life person posted this article: it is a very loving article and you should read it but after you do, consider these questions. 

Here is something to think about for pro life people. What happens if the mom might die from (or “will” die) birth? What about those who got raped? do you think they should be forced to go through with it? What about where the child might not be supported in their life (not enough money/abusive parents/something along that nature) and the child either lives a life worse then death or ends up killing themselves because of that life they have to live? What about the fact that even if it was outlaw and a mom decides she needs it done and so goes to an illegal place to get it done, often times which isn’t actually safe for the mom to be at all?

Now here is my rant on what feels like to me the biggest point in this debate. 

It isn’t something to say that is so simple as “it’s another life” and people who use that argument really need to start thinking about all the other consequences. I don’t mind if you are pro life however I really urge you to think past the “it’s a life” argument and think more deeply on the matter, it is great that for this specific family that they went through with it and they had their baby for the hour and that they didn’t abort their other baby when they found out that one might end up with a “defect” (I put defect like that because a lot of those defects aren’t actually defects, just different and I’ve had friends who have had these so called “defects” and are still some of the smarter people I know) and all that is their choice.

However! really think about those questions, who would you end up choosing in the grand scheme of this debate- the mother or the child? Who is all affected by the choice of abortion? Are you willing to let a child be born who might be forced to leave their mother and father? 

It’s a hard choice I think and I’m really not a person who should be allowed to vote on this (literally no guy should be allowed to, this debate should be between ladies and ladies only) guy’s don’t go through the pain of child birth. So it isn’t right for us to take a choice away from someone who does go through it

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